Project Info

Improving combustion speed by using plasma ignition and microwave, waste heat utilization, accumulation of solar power in a form of H2 & O2 like fuel additive and electric variable compresion ratio, all whitch are raising efficiency.

Most of improvements can be used in detonation, jet, piston and rotary engines.

  • Better combustion speed by plasma & microwave
  • Electric variable compresion
  • Utilizing waste heat
  • Accumulation of solar power in a form of H2 & O2


Plasma ignition




Prof.Dr. Miroljub Tomic, Department of Internal Combustion Engines (ICED), Faculty of Mechanical engineering


MR Group - Engine Rebuilding Center


TopSpider - production of products made from rubber


Turbo Servis - service and sales of turbochargers


Polymers Group - supplier of polycarbonate & acrylic

Buy aerospace motivated products

From time to time our workshop create some aerospace motivated products so that home have some cosmic touch.

Space pendant

Modern LED chandelier: lightsaber & rocket model, GUARANTEE 3 YEARS.

Hovering table

Shaping marble, steel and glass creating beautiful piece of furniture can be challenging

Flying bed

In an addition to standard this bed can also be suspended like swing and lifted to the ceiling