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Project Info

VTOL aircraft is our patent pending technology and with knowledge we are creating ecological aircraft with hover ability like helicopter, horizontal flight with speed and efficiency of an airplane and autonomous capabilities of a drone. Safety is a priority, so ejection suit will provide secure landing even from a low height. When we combine all of these virtues and minimize drawbacks we get an SvetoLet aircraft.

    Patent pending technology

  • Hover ability like helicopter
  • Ecological horizontal flight with speed and eficiency of an airplane
  • Ejection suit will provide secure landing even from a low height
  • Autonomus capabilities of a drone.

Buy aerospace motivated products

From time to time our workshop create some aerospace motivated products so that home have some cosmic touch.

Space pendant

Modern LED chandelier: lightsaber & rocket model, GUARANTEE 3 YEARS.

Hovering table

Shaping marble, steel and glass creating beautiful piece of furniture can be challenging

Flying bed

In an addition to standard this bed can also be suspended like swing and lifted to the ceiling