KAS - Serbian space agency

We immediately need tools so that we could manage Earth's climate, ecology & biodiversity. Cosmos is obvious answer. Long-term sustainable development of civilization is possible by providing resources and energy from cosmos. Cosmos is only source of unlimited energy & resources, known to civilization and it is in our reach. So our path to secure future is building Europe’s Space metro "Balkan" - Vesmir launch system in the very centar of Balkan region. Engineering, building and launching, technology of reusable Space rocket for people & cargo, for Earth and off Earth trafic. Mastering high dense energy sources for robotic acquiring and processing different materials in Space.

In today's world of hundreds space startups rising, government space agencies all over the globe building a road to Cosmos, unlimited supply of energy and resources, is smart thing, so best thing is to act now.

For Europe, Balkan countries and particularly Serbia, building Europe's space metro "Balkan" in the middle of Balkan peninsula is essential for long term sustainable development that will affect everybody. That will be one of few highways to unlimited resources and energy from Space.

For a country like Serbia, that is investing roughly 2 B€/year, only realistic solution would be to focus all investment sectors to mastering cosmos technologies. In that way we would have greater chance to manage climate fluctuations, preserve and enrich ecology & biodiversity for Serbia, Balkan region, Europe and Earth civilization as a whole. In the same time we will learn, create new technologies, new jobs and develop whole region.

Why we need - KAS - Serbian space agency

"One of ways for Serbia to become Europe and to get closer to the EU" "could be to set up a KAS Serbia Space Agency"
"Form KAS - Serbia Space Agency and engage in international cooperation at this field"
"So staff for the establishment of the Serbian Space Agency, therefore, exists"

"Serbia could possess space technologies by investing" "Working on such technologies and projects would significantly improve Serbia's technology base, as well as improve the education system for new engineers and researchers in the field of new technologies, as well as exchange staff with the ESA European Space Agency"

"Development of a small satellite rocket carrier on a commercial basis"
"There is no need to talk about the propaganda importance for the whole country for such a project. This may sound megalomaniac, but it's very real. In this country, there is the necessary knowledge and technology for such a project, which would by no means lag behind to similar projects in the world"
"we would very soon see investment return, many times over"
"the end result of these measures would be sustainable growth"

Prof. dr Đorđe Blagojević (1950-2012)